Architectural imagery used as an aid to portraying the unbuilt world has become an important tool of the trade,
but creating an image isn’t about pressing a magical “render” button. Creating an image is about process and understanding,
establishing a narrative through conversations with architects/designers and clients to avoid staging a misleading environment.
We shoot photography, we fly drones, we produce still and moving imagery to communicate the visions of our clients.
Our studio is led by Katie Jackson and Mathew Ingham, both with backgrounds in architecture and a passion for creating ‘natural visualisation’.


Captivating the vision of our clients is often less about the final production image and more about the stages involved in getting there.
Our studio works closely with architects and designers to aid in the projects design development. This could include producing design options through
white card models, material studies and lighting configurations all as a result of continual dialogue and draft submissions and commentary.
Our studio will then collate this information and produce a range of image typologies, from concept images for feasibility studies and competitions
right through to highly detailed internal and external images for PR material.
We believe in the strength of a narrative. We shoot photography of scenes and people and even navigate drones through environments
to ensure the images we create are both bespoke and cohesive.


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